Fatih Bilingual School enjoys the support of a distinguished School Board and teachers who work tirelessly to provide excellent leadership for the school. Together, we strive for the greatness to make Fatih Bilingual School a prominent institution in Indonesia.

Nurhadi Hafman

Management Advisor

Nurhadi Hafman was assigned as a School Director in July 2019. He was a graduate of Bogazici University in Turkey, Faculty of Education. Experienced in leading several distinguished positions in his previous school, Kharisma Bangsa School, he has been showing commitment to serving excellence in empowering education. 

He has brought new perspectives on the development of educational  curriculum, instructional leadership, and teaching approaches. 

He is a hardworking leader who is devoted to realize the vision and mission of the school with virtue and to achieve greatness of the school with his integrity.

Nur Wijayanto

Principal for Middle and High School

Grew up in a family that values education, Nur Wijayanto was appointed as the principal of middle and high school in 2017. His dedication to educational improvement is highly praised. He graduated from Chemical Engineering, Diponegoro University. He continuously serves exceptional responsibility for managing the entire community of the school.  

Riza Emilia

Principal for Elementary School

Riza Emilia has been serving as Principal of Elementary School since 2015. She was a graduate of English Education, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University. 

She has grown her love for children and has striven to do her best in improving the quality of elementary education. She consistently oversees the operations of the school  through her dedicated and hard-working attributes.

Syariful Amri

Assistant Principal of Students Affairs for High School

Being responsible for supervising all pastoral affairs of the school, Syariful Amri has been appointed as Assistant Principal of Students Affairs since July 2018. He is dedicated to performing quality in assisting school community to achieve personal, social and academic success. He graduated from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, majoring Islamic Law. 


Assistant Principal of Students Affairs for Elementary

Assigned as Assistant Principal of Students Affairs for elementary, Fitriyanti has devoted herself to serving leadership capacity. She holds a degree in English Education major, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University. Her attributes have supported her performance in supervising all students life programs. She has well established effective working relationships with students,  parents, and administrators.

Biadelma Nanda Illiandi

Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs for Middle and High School

Graduated from Northumbria University at Newcastle UK for his master degree, Bia has been teaching and contributing to Fatih Bilingual School since 2015. With his passion at the improvement of educational value, he assigned as the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs in 2019. His devotion to bring successful milestones regarding education challenges him to engender the high-quality environment for learning atmosphere in Fatih Bilingual School.


Dorm Manager

Sadiqin is a graduate of Islamic Theology in Ataturk University in Turkey. He was assigned as Dorm Manager in July 2018.  He has been able to maintain a positive dorm atmosphere and to promote the standards for students living. His friendly, patient, and open-minded attributes are some of his qualities that support his successful responsibility.


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