Transfer Students

Fatih Bilingual School welcomes transfer students with several conditions. Unfortunately, we do NOT accept students in their last year of each level (grade 6, grade 9 and grade 12). The students capacity to quickly adapt to Fatih Bilingual School environment and the availability of seats in one batch are some of the main concerns in approving transfer students application.

Transfer Application Dates and Deadline

We suggest transfer students application to start from July to December. Application between January to March is still possible under certain conditions. Application after March will be considered for the next academic year. 

Transfer Eligibility

Students are eligible to transfer to Fatih Bilingual School if they are:

  • Transfer for grade 1-6, 7-8 and 10-11 only.
  • Have an appropriate level of English language proficiency
  • Have valid reasons to transfer to Fatih Bilingual School

Transfer Application Procedure  

  • Pay the Application Fee
    • Application Fee is paid directly to the Cashier’s Office / Accounting Office or via transfer to the school bank account. 

BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia ‘46)
Account name: Fatih Bilingual School
Account numbers: 2828 – 0000 -74 

  • Fill the Application Form
    • Get the Application Form online or printed version directly from our Admission Representatives. It is recommended that every parent read and fill the form carefully to provide the best information needed by the school. 
  • Prepare all the required documents
    • Check the required documents. Make sure you provide a copy of each of the document before you submit them. 
  • Arrange the entrance test and interview day
    • We are available every Saturday, except if there is a Saturday school event. Make sure that you have the right appointment date.
  • Attend the entrance test and interview + submit Application Form and all required documents
    • All the tests and interview must be in person at Fatih Bilingual School.
    • Prospective transfer students will take the following test and interview:
      • Academic Test: Mathematics, Science and Bahasa (materials tested based on the grade they apply)
      • Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT)
      • DISC Test to understand students’ characters 
      • Written interview and face to face interview
      • Prospective parents interview with high school representatives
    • It is suggested that you submit the Application Form and all documents several days prior to the test date. The latest submission is on the day before we conduct the entrance test.
  • Receive notification of admission decision
    • On Wednesday next week, you will receive notification of admission decision by email. You will also be contacted by our Admission Representatives directly. FBS may request further meeting with parents if there are more to discuss related to the child’s condition. 
  • Pay tuition and all other school-related fee
    • Parents will receive a virtual account unique for their child. We suggest that all payments will be through this account. Yet, parents can still pay directly to the Cashier’s Office / Accounting Office. The first payment must be made within the week the notification of admission decision is received. 

Transfer Application Checklist

Below is the list of documents you will need to submit to complete your child’s Application File. Please be advised that without completed documents further admission process cannot be continued. 

Documents Admin Form:
  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Form 3

Supporting Documents:
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of student’s passport – identification page only
  • Copy of parent’s ID or passport – identification page only
  • Copy of Family Card
  • Copy of proof or guardianship, if you are not the birth parents or if you are divorced – adoption papers / court order clarifying guardianship
  • Copy of vaccination record / immunization record
  • Copy of report cards from the previous school (all semesters/terms)
  • Copy of diploma and certificate of National Examination results
  • Transfer certificate – students who are transferring to Fatih Bilingual School should contact their school to provide documents required to obtain this certificate. 

Additional Documents for Indonesian students who studied abroad
  • Copy of equalization letter of academic certificate from MoEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) of Republic Indonesia
  • Transfer letter from the previous school and legalized by MoEC of Republic Indonesia
  • Copy of report cards from the previous school (all semesters/terms) – translated in English  

Selamat Datang!

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