Admission FAQs

When does the admission start and end?

  • Admission for new students enrollment start on the 1st September every year based on quota system, meaning it ends when the number of students reach the school full capacity. That is why, application after June is not recommended. 

Is there any age limitation to apply to Fatih Bilingual School?

  • Fatih Bilingual School divide its educational level according to Indonesian system, which are:
    • Elementary (6 years) – starts at age 6-7 
    • Middle School (3 years) – starts at age 12-13
    • High School (3 years) – starts at age 15-16 
  • Age is only one of the considerations we take during the admission process.

When can I visit the school?

  • You basically can visit the school anytime during working hours. But, in order to serve prospective parents better you are suggested to contact our Admission Representatives prior to your visit.

How many campuses does Fatih Bilingual School have? Which one is the most suitable for my child?

  • There are two school campuses under the umbrella foundation of Fatih Indonesia. Those schools are different in terms of names and management board. Although, almost all programs offered are the same, there are main differences as follows:
    • Fatih Bilingual School located in Lamlagang area (near Baiturrahman Mosque) offers:
      • Elementary school for boys and girls
      • Middle school for boys only
      • High school for boys only
    • Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Bilingual School in Darussalam area (near Syiah Kuala University) offers:
      • Elementary school for boys and girls
      • Middle school for girls only
      • High school for girls only

Is there any benefit to apply earlier?

  • Yes, by applying earlier you can secure a seat for your child and you can benefit from early bird discount applied for early admission. Contact our Admission Representatives for further information on early bird admission.

Do I need to submit all documents in order to be considered for admission?

  • Yes, incomplete documents will cause a delay in your admission. We will not review your admission until all required forms and documents submitted.

Will you test / assess the prospective students? What kind of tests are you going to conduct?

  • Yes, the Assessment / Test and Interview day is every Saturday from 8:00 – 12:00, except if there is a school event. Check the Important Dates and Deadline.
  • For prospective elementary students the assessment will include:
    • Prospective students interview and simple tasks with an educational psychologist and home room teacher.
    • Prospective parents interview with elementary representatives.
  • For prospective middle and high school students the tests will include:
    • Academic Test: Mathematics, Science and Bahasa 
    • Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT)
    • DISC Test to understand students’ characters 
    • Written interview and face to face interview
    • Prospective parents interview with middle and high school representatives

How can I prepare my child for the entrance test / assessment?

  • The tests are designed to know your child’s current knowledge and proficiency. No preparation is required. Prepping for the tests could present false data which will affect your child’s learning at school.

What are you looking for in prospective students and parents?

  • We seek students who are eager to learn and excel in their learning within the framework of Fatih Bilingual School. Throughout the admission process we focus on personal and academic qualities. 
  • Parents have a great role in children’s academic, social and emotional development. We seek parents who are willing to work together with the school community as a team. 

Can we do the tests and interview online?

  • Prospective elementary students must be present in person at school. We believe we can learn so much from your child interaction during the assessment day.
  • We provide online tests and interview for middle and high school prospective students.

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