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Fatih Bilingual School was established in 2005 as part of post-tsunami Aceh relief program in term of education. As a non-profit institution which intended to help local community, Fatih Bilingual School started as National plus school, a school that offers education beyond the minimum requirements of the national Indonesian accreditation authorities. 

As a prominent school which offers education in English, Fatih Bilingual School changed its status from National plus school to Educational Cooperation Unit (SPK) school in 2016. SPK schools are defined as the institutions that use a foreign curriculum along with the national curriculum in teaching and learning process. Fatih Bilingual School works closely with Cambridge Assessment International Education and Cambridge Assessment English as an international curriculum provider.

All the improvements made by Fatih Bilingual School is motivated by the fact that education is very dynamic which drive any institution to keep updated and upgraded with a very fast changing world. One way to keep updated and upgraded is by creating a heterogeneous supportive learning environment with students from different backgrounds. That’s why, Fatih Bilingual School encourages more students from different areas, provinces and nationalities to study at Fatih Bilingual School.

With the few exceptions noted below, international students follow the same application steps as other first-year or transfer applicants. 

Additional Requirements

Academic Records

International applicants must provide official copies of academic records from the previous schools (except for first-year elementary applicants). Applicants should:

  • Submit all academic records in the native language, accompanied by an English translation, if the native language is not English.
  • Send external examination results or predicted results. Examples: predicted IB results, GCSE/IGCSE results, etc.

English Proficiency Criteria

At Fatih Bilingual School, almost all of the lessons are offered in English. Since English is not native language for most of the students, we follow the criteria of Cambridge Assessment English. Applicants for whom English is not the first language may be required to take English Proficiency Test.    

Documentation of Financial Support

Families who do not have yet a KITAS (visa) or whose school fees will be paid by a sponsoring company need to submit a letter of sponsorship. 

International Student Service

The office of International Student Service assists international students attending Fatih Bilingual School, providing workshops and events to help them acclimate to campus life and Acehnese culture.


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