Fulton Science Academy

Sister School

The key to a successful partnership is finding where a school’s needs and the resources of a business intersect so they can be implemented in a mutually beneficial manner. Businesses can partner with an individual school, multiple schools or, for some businesses, with the entire district. School-wide partnerships must be able to support meaningful activities at a school level or everyone related to the school, including parents and students, staff, teacher and administration.

We define a partnership as at least three activities throughout the school year, which we feel is the minimum for a partner relationship. The partnership activities must fulfill a need of the school, as determined by the Principal and the School’s Partners in Education Coordinator.
The general requirements are simple,

The partnership needs to provide a benefit to our School, and be mutually beneficial to the business through cause-related marketing not advertising, such as:

  • Acknowledgement in school promotion materials, social media, newsletters and press releases
  • Logo and partnership info on the Fatih Bilingual School Web site
  • Fatih Bilingual School (FBS) has key concentrations of recruitment for Partners in Education.