chemistry class

As FBS we offer a valuable chemistry education which is taught in an exceptional environment. As we know, chemistry is not a subject that can only be taught in the classroom, there must also be laboratory activities which foster interest and learning among the students. All these facilities are in place here at Fatih Bilingual School.
Chemistry may be greeted with avid interest, disinterest, or even antipathy by students. Whether students will be caught up in the excitement of chemical demonstrations and laboratory experiments, or experience difficulties learning topics like atomic structure, the ‘mole concept’, and organic chemistry, is definitely important both for them as individuals and also to society in general. Many significant, beneficial discoveries are a result of chemical research; from the discovery of elements to recent mass spectrometric studies. Chemistry teachers have to prepare students for examinations by creating effective learning environments and utilizing practices that address the ‘affective aspect’ of student learning (e.g. self-confidence, responsibility, respect, dependability, and personal relations). By doing this we can fully engage students and maintain interest and excitement while learning chemistry.