Vision and Mission


The creation of a golden generation with noble intentions, high intelligence, global wisdom and traditional Indonesian culture capable of implementing them within the society.

Terwujudnya generasi emas yang berakhlak mulia, berakal cerdas, berwawasan global, dan berakar budaya Indonesia serta mampu mengaktualisasikannya dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat.





  1. Making the school the best education institution for personal development of students and teachers.
  2. Improving the quality of understanding and professionalism among teachers according to the latest development.
  3. Preparing the students to continue their study to hire tier with a high quality learning system and implementation of the latest technology.
  4. Developing compassion towards each other, loyalty to the country and nation among students.
  5. Improving the roles of society (students’ parents) in learning activities.




  1. To improve the quality of human resources in order to compete globally by fostering strong sense of competition.
  2. Implementing an education system which is oriented towards the transformation of the latest science and technology.
  3. Developing a tutoring system oriented towards the creation of noble generation.
  4. Developing education and tutoring system by continuously adapting with a dynamic environment.
  5. Optimizing tutoring service to increase the students’ face in the God Almighty.
  6. Facilitating teachers and tutors in improving their professionalism.
  7. Developing in improving school quality according to the global standards.
  8. Encouraging and facilitating students to participate in various academic and non academic competitions at national and international levels.
  9. Providing high quality education services to to prepare for local and global competition.
  10. Generating teachers and tutors who are capable of operating modern communication and information technological devices.