Introductory Turkish I and Introductory Turkish II will be a fun and easygoing class where students learn the language and culture of Turkey.
Turkish is a very easy language to learn. The course book we use helps bring the language to life. Also, authentic materials such as songs, movie clips, movies, and newspapers, are employed. The technique the instructor uses is a communicative approach which basically aims to improve language skills in an interactive way.
Students learn the alphabet, basic conversational Turkish, and grammar. They master at least 1000 words in addition to basic grammatical forms, and read and write simple prose of approximately two or three paragraphs in length. The students will be able to comfortably carry on a conversation in Turkish, such as talking about a movie. The students will be given many opportunities to converse with new Turkish friends and practice their language skills.
We will be using ACILIM TURKCE ,LALE by DILSET publications. The course will improve and develop communicative skills and grammar. All basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) will be covered in the class activities, written and audio homework. We will also have coffee hours to enable students to enjoy a friendly environment and talk to native speakers.