Home Visits

Teachers and parents play a big role in student’s education. Parent and teacher partnership is very important for our students’ success. In promoting a partnership between parents and teachers, Home Visits provide the means for effective team problem solving.

Fatih Bilingual School practices Home Visits policy to strengthen the bonds between these three parties of teachers, students and parents. By this way teachers may have a better understanding of individual needs of students and parents may have more information about the education and the teachers itself.

The responsible teachers of this activity are usually class teachers. Class teachers are obligated to visit the houses of each student in the class in the first semesters. Other subject teachers may have an involvement too.

During our visits, we would like to get parents’ feedback and ask about any specific concerns of theirs. These visits also give us to have a better communication and increase parents’ involvement in their children’s education.

We look forward to meeting with you.