Biology is the scientific study of life. The more we learn about life, the more fascinating it becomes. Modern biology is as important as it is inspiring. Greater knowledge of genetics and cell biology is providing new tools in fields such as medicine and agriculture. Molecular biology provides new tools for the field of criminal science. Learning about the ecology helps us to understand the causes and consequences of global warming, etc.
The goals of the biology curriculum are to prepare the students to be “scientifically literate”, to learn how to learn, to develop a curiosity of the world around them, and to use the skills and knowledge of science and technology as they apply to their personal and social decisions. The aims are to become confident citizens, be suitably prepared and eager for studies beyond Ordinary Level, stimulate interest in and care for the local and global environment.
Three objectives will be kept in mind during the biology lessons and examinations. The first objective is ‘knowledge with understanding’. Students are expected not only to know but also to understand the facts and concepts in biology. Another objective is handling information and solving problems. If students have a good knowledge and understanding, they should be able to apply the knowledge to new situations. The last objective is experimental skills and investigations. This involves practical work. Students are introduced to the correct experimental techniques and skills. The focus is on relevant and accurate observations, measurements, and recording data appropriately and accurately.