Physics is a unique experience for the students at FBS. Our goal is to provide the student with an appreciation and understanding of the physical world. An equally important goal is to prepare students for college courses and careers that require an understanding of physics. These include the sciences, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, education, agriculture, transportation, meteorology, and many other fields.
One essential tool in developing an understanding of physical principles is mathematics. Mathematical descriptions of motion, force, energy, electricity, magnetism, and light allow us to describe what we observe and predict what we have yet to observe in the most efficient manner possible. So in physics, mathematics is used as a tool to summarize and extend our observations.

Physics is about concepts and real events around us. Mathematics is used as a very useful part of the language of physics. You will find the answers to some of the physical world’s mysteries, such as why the sky is blue and what gives a saxophone its brash sound.

There will be a number of activities to help students learn physics. Students observe and watch lectures, demonstrations, or presentations, work through labs and activities, participate in group lab activities, and are encouraged to ask questions during physics courses. Students are urged to frequently confer with one another, their facilitator, and the teacher. Discussion is a very important factor in learning concepts.


Learning Materials 2017/2018

Physics for 12 Graders

Chapter 2 – Sound Waves

Sound Waves

Chapter 3 – Ray Optics

Ray Optics

Exercise – Doppler’s Effect

Exercise 1

Practice Questions




Quantum Physics






Atomic Physics



Nuclear Physics


Relativity and Atomic Physics Quiz

Relativity Exercise

Exercises – Nuclear Physics + Radioactivity